Welcome home

We just bought a new house. Except it’s not new. It’s 100 years old this year. It’s a pretty neat house. Potential is exploding from every nook and cranny. We design and redesign the future kitchen almost every day. Keeping the remaining historic details is important to us, and we want to add more old elements into the house. Given this was most recently a halfway house, it’s missing a great deal of the original charm (yes acoustic tile ceiling with florescent lights in the kitchen, I’m talking about you!), but we’re determined to make our project an eco-friendly restoration as opposed to a renovation.

That leads me to our goals for our new-old house. We want to establish a family home; a place where we’ll put down roots and become a fixture in our small eclectic niche in the city. The neighborhood is fantastic and old and interesting and surrounded by some of my favorite things in San Antonio, and we want to take every advantage of them. For the house itself, we want to have a strong focus on minimizing waste, maximizing use of existing and reclaimed/salvaged/old pieces, and selecting materials that are as durable as possible. Most of the work will be done by us since our budget is rather miniscule, and we think this sort of thing is fun.

Here’s what we’ve done in the 5 days since closing: met with general contractor, met with him again with subs for bids, ripped out lots of dead landscaping, pruned roses, started removing trim to salvage, poked lots of holes in walls, designed and redesigned the future kitchen 320,942 times, removed wire shelves in the “super closet”, went on an archeological dig in our crawl space/cellar, and spent lots of time and a little money at blue, orange, and the Habitat Restore.

So our fun adventure has begun. We’ll use this blog to keep track of the progress on our house as we hopefully transform it into our home.


What say you?

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