The good and the delayed

The good: We hired an electrician to fix a lot of the mess of wires in the exterior walls before insulation. Their estimate was $1500. We were so relieved it wasn’t an insanely high number like so many of the other bids we’ve gotten, so we hired them asap. Then they ended up working 2 full days instead of the single day we’d planed to pay for. Joe and I were both more than a bit nervous about the bill after that. I got an email from Joe after he read it that simply said “WE WIN!”, and when I read it, I agreed. $230 UNDER the estimate even with the extra work day. Thank you God for something going our way!

The delayed: Air Krete in based in the area of the country recently devastated by tornadoes. Among the real tragedies and human lives lost, our little project isn’t so important, but we’re dealing with a delay in getting raw material. So I just got off the phone with our installer who now is going to drive to Colorado to pick up extra material a friend/distributer there has. We were going to start this Monday, which became tomorrow (Friday), which now is next Friday. No big worries, except that Joe’s Dad, aka our drywall man, is coming next Friday to start hanging the wall board. We need to let it dry for a couple of days ideally before covering it up, so hopefully they can tackle some framing and interior walls the first weekend, and take on the exterior ones last. Also must work in some good Grandpa time for Patricia. She’s been asking for her paternal grandparents more often lately, so she needs a good dose of Grandpa time.

Funny Patsy Lou story: When Joe leaves to work on the house, he usually tells bug he’s going to “bang on some walls.” Yesterday, she found a tire pressure gauge and when my dad asked her what she was going to do, she thought for a minute and announced she was going to “bang on some walls” then promptly started pounding the outside of the house. The kid doesn’t want to be just like her daddy at ALL, I swear. 😉

Back to the house: Since next week is now a lot more open, I’m going to try to get another plumbing estimate. We need professionals to do things like cap gas lines and deal with water pressure and expansion tank issues. We might be able to do the pipe repairs ourselves, but we’ll see.

And now comes the part of the day I stop being lazy and feeling sorry for my poor pregnant self with multiple injection wounds (Rhogam and gestational diabetes tests), and get productive. Finding plumbers, grocery shopping, removing/patching the last wall mounted a/c holes with Joe, and preparing for 2 solid days of Mother’s Day flower deliveries for my aunt are on tap for the rest of the day.


What say you?

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