We got ourselves into some hot water

and I couldn’t be happier about it. That was pretty lame, I know. Anyway, we have hot water! 2 of our 3 hot water heaters now work! The little one in the attic doesn’t really matter now since we aren’t using the upstairs 1/2 bath, especially after finding out the plumbing is terrible. It turns out the fix for the non-functioning one below the house was a very quick one from the electricians.

We’ve got the walls just about ready for insulation tomorrow. By “we” I certainly don’t mean me. 😉 Joe is definitely in charge of that. My Mom has also been a huge help with the demo/cleanup in that area. A little shop vac fun tonight, and we should be good to go! All wall mounted a/c units are out, with their holes patched. All random vents/fans/holes for reasons we can’t identify are patched in, too.

Tonight is our first party at our house! With the insulation going in tomorrow, (TOMORROW!), we’re having friends over to scribble fun messages in the stud bays of our walls. Coloring on the walls? Fun, fun! Patsy Lou will love it.

And I think that’s all the semi-coherent blogging I can handle after a 4 am wake up. Photos of scribbled-in walls and insulation installation coming soon!

2 responses to “We got ourselves into some hot water

  1. Sara De La Rosa

    Congrats on your new house and new blog and almost new baby!
    It’ll be awesome to have a record of everything that’s going into making your new house a home. I can practically hear your super excited voice as I read along.

    Gook luck and best wishes,
    Sara the Magnificent

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