Walls are a beautiful thing





It’s quite wonderful to feel like we own a real house again, and not just a glorified tent. Actual walls make such a difference! Joe (times three), Patsy Lou, and my Mom spent lots of time this last week working magic in our house.

Joe, my husband, took the week off to work with Joe, his dad, on the drywall. Joe, my cousin the firefighter, stopped by to help while in town one day early in the week. Joe husband and Joe firefighter removed our sprinkler system! Amen! Turns out it was installed illegally. Surprise! Ok, not really much of a surprise at this point. My Mom did well, lots. Patsy Lou hauled in drywall. Not even kidding about that one. Photo evidence of the child labor is plentiful. 😉 She also helped my Dad and me with food prep/delivery to the folks working.

So we are again hugely indebted to wonderful family for lots of help with our crazy project. We can’t thank you enough for helping make our dream home a reality. And now, we take the night off and go swimming. Because tired, sore muscles (and huge pregnant bellies) need some relief. Happy Memorial Day! Thanks also to the good military folks keeping us nice and safe.


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