DIY is hard fun.

Patsy Lou loves the library. We went today and had a grand time and came home with 5 Bearenstain Bear books. Did I spell that right? Nope, I’m sure I didn’t, but that’s how that name will always be spelled in my mixed up head. šŸ˜‰ Anyhow, in her last batch of books was our favorite bear family and their visit to Farmer Ben’s place. Brother Bear asked Farmer Ben if farming was fun. Ben replied that it was very hard work, but very rewarding and a good time, so “I guess you could say, farming is hard fun.” Here’s where I actually get around to the title of this post possibly making sense. All of this DIY work on our house (that we’ve owned for 3+ months and have yet to get near moving into) is incredibly hard work. Especially for those that don’t spend as much time sitting in front of the a/c like me. That would mostly be my husband and mom, and all of the other fantastic family and friends who’ve lent hours of sweat labor. They’re awesome. And hardworking. However, this hard work is a whole lot of fun. De-nailing old lumber to re-use, endless hours sourcing materials online and in stores, late nights spent talking through grand ideas and specific to-do’s, pure joy at completing a big project, and most of all, watching Patricia light up and (literally) jump for joy when she gets to visit the house are fantastic moments we couldn’t have without this project.

Restoring an old house is always going to be hard. Having very limited funds and having to do most all of the work ourselves is definitely a burden on one hand, but allows us such a fantastic opportunity. Building our dream home out of this halfway house is just plain special. We’re lucky to get a chance to have such hard fun.

What say you?

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