Kitchen updates

“Updating” a kitchen seems to be the wrong thing to say when using 60+ year old materials, but none the less, thats what it is I guess! When  we took down the wall to move the kitchen, we were left with an outlet in the middle of the room. To cover it, we bought a super solid $25 wooden corner sink base at habitat for humanity. With a nice big  countertop (material tbd), it should be a perfect place for food prep, baking, eating, working, etc. Who knows, it may even house a sink again some day. Have I mentioned we own 11 sinks? Anyway, it’s great, but needed to be clad with something to cover all of the old holes for plumbing. Our beadboard we salvaged from a house being demolished nearby is a prefect solution! Even the color is awesome. No need to get fancy faux destressed things when you’ve got the real thing. 🙂 It’s not finished yet, but here it is in process.




One response to “Kitchen updates

  1. That beadboard is gorgeous – love the color!!

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