To do list

We have lots of lists for our house, but one of then is about things we ned to do right away, but don’t prevent us from moving in.  Totally random, but here are some of the projects that won’t be complete when guests come over next month for our house warming party.

– paint trim. This well probably happen 1 window at a timein the evenings after the girls are in bed.
-Add netting or lattice to all 3 small decks. Each of our 3 railings is far from safe for 2 little ones.
-Build/install picket type fence in front yard. It’s the best area to play in, but we need to make it harder for Patsy to run into the street.
-Install window coverings. We hope to reuse the honeycomb shades that were there & add curtains in most rooms.
-Build walls & doorways messy for our room to be closed off from the rest of the house & complete the hall closet (left from converting 1 of Patsy’s closets into part of the hallway).
– Install those neat sliders in the lower kitchen cabinets to make them more useful. Anybody have a recommendation on these?

Do thats our to-do  for the rest of the year after we move in, & I’m sure I’m forgetting lots of things. Me thinks we will be a tad bit busy!


What say you?

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