I randomly decided to wage war on those suckers this afternoon since it finally seems to have decided to quit being 100° every day. The piles I was left with were quite embarrassing. The landscaping didn’t look great, but at least our house looks less like the neighborhood haunted house.

Somebody forgot to tell our weeds that we are in a drought. Dispite our best efforts, our flowers are rather pathetic looking, but the weeds are growing like, well, weeds. Or maybe like a 2 month old baby. Lily might be growing just as fast, but just barely.

Here are my piles. I didn’t get a “before” photo because it was just too ugly.



The front of the house with our leftover weeds & half-dead plants, boooo.


My little garden helper. She asked the grandparents if she could bring water to me while I was working. 🙂 Such a sweetheart. The glass was pretty much empty by the time she got it to me…. little thief. 😉 She’s awfully cute though!



One response to “Weeds

  1. MORE PICTURES!!!! 🙂

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