We need a countertop for our $25 kitchen island. And trim, but thats another story. I’m torn. I dream of a huge, white, honed marble slab. I can just see the Christmas cookies being decorated, pie dough being rolled out, and all of the huge hugs I would give a beautiful marble island. However, I am cheap & an eco hippy. Mining natural stone doesn’t so much help mother nature, & stone is $$$$. I have dreams of finding a slab like these folks did on craigslist, but no luck so far. Perhaps a remnant could work, too. How does one go about finding those? Call random stores? As a side note, Taking to people on the phone scares me. It’s a result of mu short stint as an auto claims adjuster. It’s also why I hate checking voicemail. But anyway….

I saw a product on Sweat Equity on DIY made by Durcon that might work. It’s apparently cheaper than most recycled content composite counters, but I don’t know the exact cost. They do send nice sized samples though. Maybe the solid black? 2 of these look black, but one is dark green. Since I use my non fancy phone camera for all of these lovely pictures, it doesn’t exactly read well.

So, I’m not really anywhere close to a decision, & feel totally lost.
Homemade butcher block? Some other choice entirely? Scrap lumber & a table cloth?


3 responses to “Countertops?

  1. Steph,

    You can probably get a scrap leftover from a job since the piece you need will be too small for another complete kitchen job. Just check some of the granite places

  2. We need a >20 sq ft slab…. seems too big to find a scrap piece

  3. Homemade butcher block would be awesome! Although with dough, tile or stone seems to work better.

    I’m so glad to find your blog and excited to read! Thank you for leavin me a comment!

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