Totally normal kitchen storage

Doesn’t everyone have floor to ceiling narrow shelves with exposed, raised staples on them in their kitchen? And doesn’t everyone keep small appliances, canisters, pots, pans, power drill, power drill batteries,  extra electrical tools, hand tools, screws, nails, & other remodeling junk on them? No? Guess it’s just us. I hate these shelves. HATE. They are too narrow to hold some pots/pans. It’s easy for a toddler to use as a ladder. The staples holding the shelves to the supports are all raised a bit, which makes them dangerous, impossible to clean, & a pain to put things on since they can scratch the heck out of almost anything! Mostly, I like these shelves about as much as bevo. Ok, thats not true. Bevo could st least turn into a tasty hamburger. 😉 This morning I’m dreaming of our future kitchen with an apron front sink, beautiful homemade cabinetry, schoolhouse lights, &no anger inducing shelving. 🙂

In good news, hanging some ikea racks has made the rest of the kitchen way better! Now my spatulas don’t have to live in a utensil holder from the dishwasher!



What say you?

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