Basically, these are beautiful. Period.

The period basics collection is on sale at Rejuvenation. Get the post title now? I know, comedy brilliance. Haha! See? Brilliance? In a post about lighting! Dad, you better be laughing, because I don’t think anyone else is.

Anyway, point being that I am in love with these lights. I have played with the mix & match fixtures & shades more than I care to admit. Here is some irony for ya though. We just blew our “spend on the house” fund. On electrical work. So that we can have lighting in the kitchen.  Now my favorite lighting collection is on sale. The piggy bank is empty. Insert sad face here. Oh well, there will always be another deal, right? If anybody has Rejuvenation lights, I’d love to drool admire yours.


One response to “Basically, these are beautiful. Period.

  1. That’s my daughter!

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