Welcome to the 20th century!

At my parents house we had use of satellite tv, a dvr, and an hdtv. It was lovely! It was also a productivity vacuum. Without my mom the laundry fairy, or dad the dish washer, we don’t have time to sit around watching much tv anymore. We also don’t have funds in the monthly budget for subscription services. When we moved in here we used the fancy rabbit ears seen above the tv. One pole broke though, & nbc was totally impossible to get. We replaced the rabbit ears last night with an outdoor antenna thats about the size of my palm. Now we get all 3 networks, plus several others like qubo for bug! Exciting! The only downer? No pbs, which means Patsy can’t watch her favorite tv show, Laurence Welk. No, I’m not kidding. It’s her favorite show. My Grandma got her hooked on it during some Saturday night visits to the farm.



What say you?

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