Welcome to the 21st century

My little family has moved our antenna tv watching selves right along & joined this millenium! After 3 days delivery attempts, we finally got both our computer & internet delivered & installed yesterday! The darn ups gut said he heard the baby crying the day before & figured I was busy so he left. Grrrr. Anyway, all is well now. We can watch the Berenstein Bears cartoon dvds (did you know they had those? I didnt until finding this at a resale shop). Thats pretty much the best part of the whole computer, being that we have no idea where our ninja turtles dvd player is. Yep, serious about that, too. We’re just an awesome mix of decades around these parts. Back to the computer, I’m an awesome wife. I unpacked & set up the computer… And then didn’t touch it. I managed to wait & let my computer nerd husband play with it first. Should’ve taped that. He was like a kid on christmas!

Any fun new toys for anybody else? Any on the christmas list?



What say you?

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