More goodwill luck

We bought this a few months ago, but I don’t think I’ve put it on here. It’s something I certainly want to remember the back story on, so here goes.

Janet & I were shopping for baby gear & toddler clothes during the summer when I was uber pregnant. We headed off to one of my favorite stores that happens to be a decent distance from my parents house where we were living, so I don’t get there often. I was so excited as we pulled up! And then they were closed. As in it’s now a dog clothes store closed, not just closed that day closed. And I was a bit sad. And grr. So we hit the highway again for the next resale shop which was closer to home & one I’d been to just 6 weeks or so before. Closed. Not even kidding. Luck seemed to have declared us enemies that day. In am attempt to not waste a shopping day with someone along to help wrangle the toddler, we chanced I’ve more store. Shouldn’t I have known to just go to good old Goodwill from the start? Sure you might sometimes be tackled by toddlers in the toys, dumbfounded by shoulder pads THAT big, knocked out by the stench from an icky pair of sneakers, or have to wait in line for 30 minutes, but it’s all good at Goodwill! Because there might just be that 100% cashmere sweater in your size for $5! Oh, wait. Wrong story, but that one is true, too. Todays story was the vanity. A sweet-perfectly yellow-solid wood-dove tailed drawered little girls vanity. For $19.99. And then the heavens opened, a chorus sang “hallelujah” & off I scurried to the check out.

I love this little vanity, & am more than a little jealous it’s too small for me. 😉 It’s perfect in bugs room, though we still need to attach the mirror. Can just see her sitting & playing with make up, organizing her jewelry & keeping treasures in it. All far more romantic dreams than the current socks, underwear & pajamas it holds in it’s current duty. All in time though, right? Any other Goodwill hunters out there find a, good bargain? Find anything that made you scratch your head? Do tell!


What say you?

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