Favorite Spot

Our porch is one of my favorite spots in the house. 

My girls love love love being outside, so this is a frequently used perch. Often, I’ll rock Lily while Patsy rides her tricycle, picks flowers, runs like a nut, climbs the stairs, or sits with me while we wait for Joe to get home. It’s also a favorite spot among family for visits. Before we moved in, it was our most regularly used dining room, though then it was a makeshift table with drywall scraps, pizza boxes, and metal folding chairs. It’s also served well as a place to set up the saw horses for door sanding/priming. I wonder what other folks used it for in the 100 years before we had it.

Someday, I want to build a swing like the one my grandpa built that’s on my parent’s front porch. The darker patio furniture will hopefully live on a to-be-redone deck in the back. I might stain/seal the rockers and coffee table (a house warming gift from my parents), or we may just let them weather. One certain addition in the future: anything and everything to stop the darn mosquitoes from using us for dinner. Anybody have luck with certain plants, candles, lasers to help with that problem? All suggestions welcome!


What say you?

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