Almost as bad as boob lights

I have a pet peeve. Lights where you can see the bulb annoy the daylights out of me! I want to look at a fixture, preferably a pretty one, not at light bulbs. This house has 7 ceiling fans that came with it, & another that we added. Can you guess which 7 have lights with visible bulbs? The one we bought for the nursery had a boob light (the kind that are an upside down dome with a fastener in the middle that makes the while thing just look like a boob), which I also can’t stand. But do you know how many ceiling light kits have an option that hides the bulbs & isn’t a boob light? Very few. Even fewer in my price range. Someday, I’m going to change out all the light kits on these fans… Uh oh. I think my to do list just cried a little at getting longer (again).

Here is the fan in Patsy’s room. Which is on. Along with the air conditioner. In the middle of November. Throwing in a picture of Patsy from the zoo this morning just because shes cute.



One response to “Almost as bad as boob lights

  1. Yeah, I’ve never really understood the appeal of light fixtures where the bulb is still visible. Seems to kind of defeat the purpose, right? But pretty much every fixture in our house is either the “boob light” or visible-bulb variety, so I guess that gives us plenty to upgrade down the road, haha…

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