1 month

It’s ben asn entire month since we moved into this house. It feels like we have done so much, yet it looks like hardly anything has happened around here. This is a good thing though I guess. It means we haven’t had any time to work on house projects since our “free” time has been full of zoo trips, playdates, church, family scents, birthday parties, bird watching (our trees attract done really beautiful birds), & pinterest. 😉

We have created a ton of memories in just 1 month. Some things I dint wasn’t to forget from our first month in this home:

-Lily learned to laugh & roll over
-Patsy learned to brush her rett by herself
-house isn’t put together at all, but playroom has been rearranged 3 times
-cooking in dark because we have zero lights that with in the middle of the house
-snuggling the whole family in our bed on a cold night
-playing in the front yard waiting for daddy to come home
-Patsy “raking” by using the take as a shovel & scooping the leaves onto the sidewalk
– the house warming part the day after we moved in

I totally love this crazy old house. What favorite memories have you created in the last month? Any baby milestones? Any big parties?


What say you?

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