Borderline fun

Alternate title: Border vacation recap.
We spent the weekend in El Paso for a wedding. I’ve lived in South Texas my whole life but hadn’t ever been to the border before. Fantastic trip!
El Paso has great food. Eat at local places & skip the chains. Huevos rancheros & enchiladas aren’t the same as in San  Antonio, but they are yummy.
We drove the few miles from our hotel into New Mexico just so I could take pictures with the state sign. We didn’t get out on the Texas side because Lily was sleeping. Lily quiet  in the carseat of doom means no getting her out. The mountain & desert views were beautiful.
We also drive the Mission trail southeast of town to Socorro. Awesome! All 3 of the missions were very pretty, though we only got out at one. Sleeping Lily again.  Luckily, we stumbled onto an art festival. We bought a magnet with a painting of “ballerinis” for bug & a small print of an oil painting of the mission. On the way back to El Paso, we stopped at a dairy with a petting zoo. In the desert. Yeah, I didn’t get it either. It was fun though. Sadly, my phone battery was dead, so no photos. Patsy loved feeding other semi wild animals like herself.



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