It’s a Monday


This a picture of:
A) a window I need to wash
B) the neighbors 70s van
C) rain
D) a tree

Answer: C! Rain! I know it’s pretty much impossible to see, but we have had actual rain showers this morning! I took a picture because I’m a crazy Texan & when it rains, we thank God & then grab a camera to document the blessed rare event. People in Seattle are probably laughing at me right now.

Side note: super late night for babies means crazy babies in the morning. And tired moms. HEB, I’m just going to apologize now. Chances are I’m going shopping later unshowered with cranky kids. Yep, I’m going to be that mom.

In house related things, we are planning to decorate  for Christmas on Thursday after spaghetti (or turkey for all you weirdos that eat the bird on Thanksgiving). We bought this house to decorate it for Christmas, so I’m super excited! Like, really fantastically super excited!


What say you?

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