Tackling the to do list

The to do list had been hanging over our heads. We haven’t had any available weekends to work on any big projects. Then the weather turned colder & we had to figure out some way to make the house warmer. Then Nette at This Dusty House wrote about little easy things just sitting in the to do list, like light switch covers that need screwed on. Then I had to do something besides stuff more thanksgiving deserts in my face. So we decided to get to work!

Last night we hung curtains in Patsy Lou’s room that my mom made. She used some of my grandmas old quilt squares & made some others with grandmas old fabric. Then she sewed those to the top of some $10 white Pottery Barn Outlet curtains. Oh, and when I say “we” hung those, I mean I fed the baby & Joe did the work. 😉 We also did some rearranging so she wouldn’t be sleeping right next to the cold windows.
Next, We switched child watching duties so I could tackle a project. Several of the light switches were missing their switch plate covers. Simple, cheap, short, immediate satisfaction. My favorite kind of diy project!
We also installed one of the window units in the bathroom (again read “we” as “Joe”) so it wouldn’t be freezing cold in the mornings. Hopefully it will also help Bug’s room since her door lines up with the bathroom door.
Moving a spare lamp & two spare doors upstairs from the playroom made things feel much less temporary in there. Hanging a hook rail added much needed function. Now we have storage for jackets & bags (& babies*) so the table doesn’t have to be the primary dumping zone.

Here are some photos of the updates. And a bonus shot of the traveling pink Christmas tree.

*Baby hanging it’s awesomely cute, but we are not moronic enough to actually hang the kid from a hook in the drywall. Do not hang your kid on the wall! It’s like eating them. Baby thighs might nomable looking, but actually nomming them will result in serious injury.



One response to “Tackling the to do list

  1. a candle in your fireplace will make that room warmer by preventing the warm air inside your home from escaping up the flue.

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