Square one

We have an antenna for tv signal, as previously mentioned. We bought a fancy neato new one to get out of the rabbit ear stage, & into something high techier looking. Mounted inside, we only got a couple of channels. Laing in a planter outside, we picked up a couple more! The hopes were high for a million channels once we mounted the thing as high as our little ladder could take us! Our at least nbc if not a million stations. AndPBS.  We really wanted pbs. I miss This Old House. Go figure, I got one of my own & now can’t watch Norm’s. Back to the antenna. After 2.5 hours of holding the darn thing every which way all over the place, we wound up getting the best reception right where we started. So we mounted the antenna right above the planter it previously lived in. But wait! It gets better! After 10 minutes, we list signal to everything “new” acf were back to abc, fox, whatever 35 is, a whole bunch of religious folks, &  lots of spanish stations full of ridiculous telenovelas. Wop-wop. We haven’t had the heart to unscrew the bracket & lay it back on the planter yet. We should be fine until the olympics, when we neeeeed nbc. Or until I need a This Old House fix.
This project definitely goes under the “must undo” category. Anybody else have to undue half a days work or end up back at square uno?



What say you?

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