It’s a wrap.

Our house, like most 100 year old homes, isn’t exactly going to pass an air door blower test. Hvac is also a big issue. In an effort to reduce energy usage & make things comfortable in the bathroom, we took on a couple of quick projects tonight. First, we bought water heater insulation blankets for both if our electric water heaters. Yes, we have 2. Well, actually, we have 3. The third is in the attic and services the half bath & kitchenette upstairs. Only we can’t use it because the bathroom isn’t vented, things are installed illegally apparently, & the overflow valve for the water heater itself would send scalding hot water onto the unfinished attic floor & through the ceiling should it flip on. So we ignore the upstairs plumbing entirely.
Back to tonights projects.  Joe headed under the house & wrapped both water heaters with the insulation. It was a fairly straight forward process. Joe wrapped the heater, cut off the excess, put that on top, then taped it all up. Hopefully this will help reduce the estimated $1000 yearly energy usage between the two units. Geothermal in the future?


The second project was to seal the gaps around the sure conditioner unit Joe put in the bathroom window a couple of weekends ago. We stuffed rags & towels around it for a diopter quick solution, but definitely needed a bit better. I stuffed a rope of self adhesive rubbery tape between thee unit & each side, then into any little holes still left, as well as between the wood we used to fill the big gap & the window frame. Still a temporary measure as we are hoping to get a vent with a built in heater, but hopefully it will help for now.


What say you?

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