Adventures in insanity

or, kitchen island counters part 2

After lots (and lots) of debate, we picked butcher block counters! Yay! Realistically, we dont have time to DIY them right now. Ikea supposedly took formaldehyde out of their glues awhile back, they sell butch block in convienent sizes, & it’s less than $10/ sq. ft. Score! Getting them wasn’t so easy, hence part one of the story.

After the first 45 miles we could only get 20 miles or less at a time. We’d get Lily out of the baby torture device carseat, calm her down,load her up, endure more screaming. Repeat. Again. And some more. This went on from our lunch stop at the San Marcos Outlets to Ikea in Georgetown, and all the way back to San Antonio. It was nuts. Thank you Janet for being awesome & going with me! Pretty sure she’ll never volunteer for a fun little shopping trip again. 😉

So anyhow, we finally get to Ikea, after I missed the exit thats like, seriously, 10 miles before the store. And the next turn around is like, seriously, 10 miles past the store. Swears. Or maybe that’s only how it seems with screaming baby of doom along. After a pitstop for clean diaper, clean & un sweat/spit up covered onsie, and nursing, we race through Ikea to get to the kitchen area.

There among all the racks and racks of counter displays are the botcher blocks! The oak looked great and it’d match our floors. Awesome. Tag says it’s available in both counter depth and a 39″ width. Fantastic. I go up to the lady at the desk and ask to order it. She gets a sad look. The 39″ one is sold out. Pretty sure I looked like I might start to cry right in the middle of the store, and pretty sure she was scared, because then she got all happy faced on me. ” Oh wait! It’ll be in stock on Monday!” Sadder face from me. (yes, I sad sadder. as in more sad. much more sad.) I calmly explained, ok laughed, and said there was NO WAY I could come back Monday. I bought the counter depth counter, but got 2 of them to cover the island. Not crazy about having a seam in the middle, but we’ll be able to use the extra for a breakfast bar. All in all, still a success, though $65 more expensive. Oh well.

Here is what we started with, counters still wrapped in plastic.


Joe moved the (crazy heavy) cabinet. By himself. Don’t do this. Safe, it is not.

We used a sample of Greenstone by Durcon to make sure the brackets ikea included with the butcher block were flush with the top of the cabinets.

We made sure Lily got to play with the power tools, too. We all know I’m a fan of making these kids earn their keep by helping with the construction. Ok, so really they earn their keep by being adorable, fun, happy, sweet, lovable, crazy, smiley kids. They make me mushy. They REALLY make Joe mushy. It’s kind of (super) cute.

The salvaged beadboard covers the old holes in the cabinet since this was a sink base.

After an hour or do getting the first one attached, we realized the second would have much less bracing since it overhung the back if the cabinet so much. Nothing a flattened out joist hanger can’t fix!

All done! I love it. No, LOVE it! Maybe not enough to make up for 150 miles of screaming baby, but close.


There is a seam in the middle which sucks, but we wanted to be able to separate then to use elsewhere in the future. I have visions of an apron front sink with a solid surface counter of some kind (like that greenstone). One day. Maybe.

We have been cooking & baking up a storm since we finished it this weekend. We still have to prettyfy it with trim & paint (the blue doors & cabinet front + trim, not the awesome green beadboard. That matches the jadite collection I’m dreaming of starting). For now though, it’s functional, & thats more than I can say for my mental state during the ONE HUNDRED & FIFTY miles of screaming baby trip to buy those suckers. Good thing chocolate fixes everything.

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