Sweater stocking sewing

I love crafting. Martha I am not. However, the lady has some good ideas. In the December issue of her magazine was a photo of knitted stockings. The following exchange was had:

Self: Steph, you can’t knit, but you have a pretty sewing machine & Goodwill has some pretty (ugly) sweaters. You could make knit stockings for the whole family!
Steph: You’re right self! Obviously you have the talent to sew stockings with all that (non existant) sewing experience you’ve had! Genius!

So, Goodwill sweaters in hand, I got my crazy craft on. I used a stocking we had laying around for a template & cut out the basic shape. The bottom hem of the sweater serves as a nice finished top to the stocking, & cutting along the side of the sweater meant I only had 2 sides to sew (since the top is obviously open). I sewed the seams of the first one on my machine all proud of myself for threading it & whatnot. And then the “you aren’t Martha” part if this kicked in. Martha can probably craft herself an entire sewing machine from her scrap fabric. I know nothing about troubleshooting sewing issues other than to yell at the machine & Martha. Joe tried his best to fix things, but after 9 rethreading attempts, 5 start overs, 2 snapped needles, & a partridge… er, I gave up on the sewing machine. I do have 2 “finished” ones, 1 partially done, & 1 just cut out. I’m hoping to finish by hand, but with just days to go, these beauties lovely heartfelt stockings may go up next year. Oh, I say the 2 in the photos are “finished” because they still need a loop to hang from & I’d planned to add contrasting colors across the top. But now I’m just going to call this the finished state. 😉 Maybe Santa will bring me a trip to the sewing machine repair shop for Christmas.




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