A pretty mixer

I was secretly hoping Santa would bring a pretty mixer. I love my Sunbeam, but who doesn’t REALLY love a fancy Kitchenaid? The kind with a lift up bowl & metal attachments.

Before Thanksgiving, I found a refurbished kitchenaid mixer, all fancy pants style with the lift up bowl for a really good price on the kitvhenaid website. My Dad gad been looking for one for my mom. When I called him about it, he agreed it was great & bought for my mom. Biggest selling feature? No black Friday shopping necessary! Fast forward 2 days to Thanksgiving. My Mom calls my Dad in to see a commercial for…… A Kitchenaid mixer with a lift up bowl! Dad was worried she was going to say she hated it, thought it was crazy, or something else awful. Instead, she suggested it for us! Dad laughed, agreed, & bought another one online instead of at the store at 4 am on black Friday. My Dad’s all weird & doesn’t think shopping is fun. Unless its for computers & done online. Then maybe, only maybe. Anyway, obviously he now had 2 separate orders from the same place, completed, 2 days apart. He never got shipping notices. He stayed home constantly to intercept packages. Except once. Joe & I showed up though (can’t remember why). Whilst unloading kids from the car, Fed ex drvies up. I get all excited Moms mixer must’ve showed up! Fedex man unloaded two boxes. Joe rushed me inside REALLY fast. He convinces me they are totally separate. So, I enter contests all over the web to win a mixer. Didn’t win any of them. Christmas morning, my parents let me open my gift before Mom. I burst out laughing at my awesome Kitchenaid mixer with fancypants bowl lift & metal attachments. Mom then opens hers & laughs. Then Joe & Dad finally relax with secret keeping over. Then Mom and I switched. I liked the white, she liked the black. And that is the tale of my pretty new friend.



One response to “A pretty mixer

  1. OK, she left out one interesting part….I didn’t pay for expedited shipping, just plain ol’ 5-8 day shipping. Ground shipping at that. One order was placed on Tuesday, the other Thursday. BOTH showed up here on Tuesday of the next week. And people wonder why I never pay extra for expedited shipping….

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