My kids “big” gift was free & I made them help build it

I know that sounds awful, but I prefer to think of it as recycling & helping. Heres the short story.

Some family friends were remodeling their bathroom & asked if we would like the huge 3’x5′ mirror. Since I am captain cheap love a bargain, of course we happily took it. Since Patsy Lou is a “balleriny princess” I figured it would make a great ballet bar with the addition of the side rail of a bunk bed we pulled from a dumpster in Austin. I think dumpster diving in Austin makes us hippies. Anyway, I used the table saw (yay power tools!) to make a very rustic & imperfect frame. The bed rail turned bar was attached to that. The very very heavy mirror is actually resting on the baseboard, which is huge & uber sturdy. The frame holds it against the wall. The whole thing got a coat of pink paint, per request of the balleriny. Some elves spent Christmas eve attaching everything to Patsy’s wall. Lazy elves didnt putty or do touch up painting. Oh well, the toddler didnt care about it not being perfect. I’ll finish it up soon. All in all, it’s a great use for an old mirror. And since it isn’t permanently attached, we can use it later in a bathroom or something normal like that.



One response to “My kids “big” gift was free & I made them help build it

  1. Cute balleriny mirror with bar!

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