Words I didn’t make up

My husband accuses me of making up words for random house things. While I do make up plenty of words, I did not, in fact, make up “plinth.” Or porte cochere. Or frieze. Or picture rail.

Plinths are our current issue though. They are the block of wood at the bottom of door frames. We are trying to figure out the best way to manufacture some that match what we have, but fit the wide closet frame. Anybody else have to make plinths? Any advice? While I’m asking for it, any advice for patching roofs? We are tackling my parent’s tomorrow to try & curb a leak before it rains(!) Monday. Yes, I did just get excited about rain.


One response to “Words I didn’t make up

  1. I know someone who can help you. Scott at Otto Dukes 600 San Pedro (Rachael’s Dad) can help you get someone or sell you what you need.

    Roof Patching, call Patches Kelly (should be in the phone book)

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