Back to house business

In an effort to think about things unrelated to job loss & scary transitions, I’ve ben dreaming about things I want to change someday in our kitchen. So much of what we have is poor quality & frustrating. Heres the list of things that bug me:
-Lack of knobs/handles on cabinets. We have normal doors/drawers, not the kind designed to forgo knobs.
-chipping cabinet finish
-Doors that stick out past the counters when open. I’d so much rather they just open 180°.
-Bottoms of upper cabinets that match the rest of the exterior finish. Our short cabinets above the sink  are lighter color on the bottom like the insides.
-Shallow drawers that dont extend fully.
– Lack of durable counters. A side piece of lamenent broke off today. This is the cause of my current blog vent session. 🙂

I’ll try to take photos & figure out solutions for each problem later when remodel time is closer. For now, here is that darn corner that broke today.


What say you?

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