Places I love

Found a puppet theatre for $5! Then I sent it to the north pole for Santa to deliver to grandma & grandpas house. It lives in front of moms family photo wall. Thosr pictures ih the background are of all my ancestors… Aka, where I got the crazy from. Especially note the top left. Thats my dads mom. She is super crazy, which also makes her super great.  She’s currently in the other room at my parents watching star trek with Joe. I love my husband in large part for things like movie dates with my grandma. The top right picture is my also awesome grandma that lives at the farm. You can’t say she’s crazy because she has dementia, & well, thats in just rally bad taste. It can be really funny though. She doesn’t know what computers are, so when Joe tells her he’s a computer programmer, she ignores that & asks if hes gotten the corn in yet. We can’t figure out if she means “planted” or “harvested” not that it matters, so he just says yes. I have the best grandmas. 🙂


My parents house. During a remodel, we discovered the awful dark wood 70’s paneling & popcorn ceiling texture with glitter that covered the walls was hiding gorgeous planking. So my parents left it exposed! It’s one of my favorite parts of the house.

So those are the places I love today.



What say you?

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