Why a big couch is important

When we inherited this sofa from a sweet family friend, I must admit it wasn’t my favorite thing in life. The lines were very simple, the pattern almost exactly like the one on my moms 70s couch we has until 2006. I figured this was just a place holder. Wrong! Oh was I wrong. I’ve become more & more smitten with this thing. It’ll need new fabric since the original is torn in several places, but otherwise it’s solid. It’s long length allow lots of room for all members of the family to snuggle. It’s sturdy base holds up to being ruin into with the vacuum, wooden toys, chairs, kids, rocking space ships, etc. Moral of the story: even lovers of all things old can forget that things from the scary 70s can be real treasures. The question now is if I have the guts to redo this thing myself… In bright red!



One response to “Why a big couch is important

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