Another kitchen renovation must have

I already mentioned my strong dislike for lots of our current kitchen’s elements. Here’s another for the list. I hate our faucet! Well, I hate the one of the three faucets I actually use in the kitchen. Having 3 sinks very close together really can be annoying all on it’s own since counter space is very lacking. But I digress (surprising, I know). The gosh darn faucet doesn’t reach far enough across the sink at all! I’m not saying I need a huge pull out one, but being able to reach anything buy the very edge of a pot would be awesome. Also, having separate handles for hot & cold is not my favorite. I miss having a single lever, especially when trying to wash a fiesty toddler’s hands, or a teething toy with a screaming baby in one arm.


In the far in the future kitchen renovation, I dream of a ginormous single bowl apron front sink with a faucet that actually reaches at least 40-50% of the sink. Mostly, this one is GORGEOUS. Except for the price. Yikesers. It also shows it with a single lever faucet! It’s like my dish washing heaven! Except that would include somebody to wash the handwashed dishes for me. Definitely not a favorite chore. But with a prettyful sink that like? Dishwashing might just move up the list.

Tell me I’m not the only one who has a (long) list of kitchen changes years before the kitchen is actually going to be able to be changed?


What say you?

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