We had one heck of a storm last night. It woke me up which instantly put it on my grrrr list. Anything that wakes me up when the baby is sleeping quickly finds it way onto that list. 😉 Getting 3+ inches of train is great though! Definitely still droughtastic around these parts, so rain even with big storms is welcome.  Some parts of town either had severe straight line winds or a tornado, though none has been confirmed yet. We had only minor damage. Patsy Lou & I collected the fallen sticks from the front yard for a future brush pick up. Lily supervised from the bumbo on the porch.

Sidenote: she’s 6 months old today! Isn’t that insane?!  We we’re supposed to have her 6 month check up this morning, but the doctors office lost power.

Anyway, here it our tiny stick pile, a  bit of damage to the tree by the fire place, & miss 6 month old while we we’re up in the middle if the might during the storm (she woke up when I got up, which is just so backwards)!



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