Back to”normal”

Normal gets quotes because it’s not like I can pretend to actually be normal. I’m weird, & so normal is a completely relative thing. Speaking of, I blame my relatives for my lack of normal. ;p Oh, look. I went off on a tangent, see? Normal.

Lets try a real post now.

Joe is back to work! Having him home for 3 weeks was awesome, but those pesky bills kept coming. So back to a real job it is. It’s a really good one & I’m so proud of him! Things for the rest if us are getting back into a routine of playing, cleaning broken glasses off the floor, paying, laundry, cleaning, playing, eating, unpacking (still. Probably forever.), playing, blogging, playing. I love being home with my girls. We have a good time. Currently, it’s Lincoln Logs time. Joe got a best set if all wooden ones from my Grandma for his birthday. My patents had saved my olds set from the 80s, so now we can build quite the village. Also on the birthday present train came an awesome map with each country decorated with it’s flag. Ok, do I sold it to him as a birthday gify, but that was mostly my excuse for splurging on it. It was 10  whole dollars!  We all know I’m queen cheap. But, as a birthday gift, well, that makes it totally fun to splurge. It’s big, so I’m thinking of hanging it over the sofa in the playroom to take up the empty space on that wall. But thats so boring. Must contemplate more. Anyway, three guesses where I got it. Guessed Goodwill on the first try? I’m so predictable. I love me a Goodwill. I actually did a happy dance on Monday in another Goodwill. I found Joe’s exact hard to find size khaki pants in like new condition, which was exactly what I was there for! And? They were the color of the week! And?! It was a Monday so it was $2 off instead of just $1 off. Que happy dance!

Here are pictures of the Lincoln logs & map. Extra credit if you find all of the out of date flags on the map. 🙂

post script: I’m signing Patsy up for pre school today. Nuts!


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