Because smelling stinks

I spent yesterday morning attacking my to do list like a kitty on a cat nip bend. It was do much fun to get so many things DONE! I finally finished packing the “Christmas parade”as bug calls the little nativity figurines. I unpacked random bags & boxes & created homes for things. I washed all the non dishwasherables that had piled by the sink. I even got the laundry room mostly cleaned. I don’t have anywhere to store  my pants, do they live in a pile on the dryer. There are things I can’t find homes for that live on the laundry sink. Joe did some small but hugely helpful projects in there, too. He hung our free hooks from Liberty Hardware on the wall between the laundry room & kitchen. It’ll be awesome to finally have a place to hang things that aren’t quite dry, or extra jackets, or random decorative things that keep it pretty but serve zilch got function. Who knows.

He also installed a second threshold on top of the old one because wr has a huge gap at the bottom of the door. Like, could fit a small child through huge. Adding the second threshold was the easiest solution we could come up with & it’s worked! It’s much warmer in there now, & critters can’t welcome themselves in anymore! Now they have to walk all the way around to the other kitchen door & crawl through that gap. 😉  Pardon the grossness ok the floor/door. This room was the drywall mud mixing area last May & both got very beat up. Someday, We’ll have a pretty door, pretty hex tile floors, a clean white solid surface counter ovrr the appliances, a better cabinet for the awesome antique sink, no contact paper covered metal cabinets & a door between it and thee kitchen. And paint. Oh, and a light instead of a hole in the ceiling. Someday! But only after the nursery is finished, which hopefully happens while we still have a baby. Guess that to do list isn’t exactly done yet…



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