Art? Who? Us?

Our walls are getting some love! I hung Joe’s birthday map above the sofa in the playroom. It’s scale is great. Fills lots of the available space, but leaves room for friends, maybe family photos to join it someday. It’s important to hang large pictures at an angle. That way, you don’t have to yell at the screw that won’ Oh, and when trying to use a drill & hang breakable things with 2 kids around, always start a smidge lower than the ideal hanging spot. That way, when the drill slips & punctures 5 holes in the wall, you can just keep moving up & hide the holes behind the art! Because if hanging art alone with 2 kids around is an exercise in crazy, then attempting to fix holes in crazytown is just ridiculous. So, start low & hide mistakes. Thats my professional mom advise. 🙂

Keeping my momentum going, I decided to FINALLY hang a stinking clock in this house. We have an alarm clock by the bed & the stove clock, but that was it. Now we have a real clock that doesn’t require resetting when the power goes out. I like the simple not-too-modern style of this old Ikea one. It was a good purchase 5? years ago. I think it was either for my last college apartment or our first married apartment. Can’t remember… which makes me feel ooooold!

Finally on the watch-out-Steph’s-playing-with-power-tools-again list, I hung a neat metal star in the kitchen. It was a house warming gift from one of Joe’s old co-workers. I really like this thing. It’s so classic Texas. I know it’s all trendy to have metal stars, but this us clearly not a fancy new one. I loves it. This time I has to actually be more careful while getting the screw in the wall since any mistakes couldn’t be hidden ala my hang thee picture higher method I used on the map & clock. Lots of force, holding the drill with both hands (as opposed to one on the drill & one on the screw), and working not as high above my head actually resulted in only 2 dings and zero holes in the wall! Pardon the funky texture mixtures on the kitchen drywall/plaster. And unfinished window trim. That sulk all be solved in a future kitchen remodel. Got more, I’m just excited to have this place looking more homey & less like we are squatters.

Somebody please tell me I’m not the only inept girl punching extra holes in the wall when I hang things. Anybody else love Texastastic stars or real clocks instead of digital ones? How about huge Goodwill piles sitting in bags on your island waiting to be donated? I’m not that messy, just waiting to haul stuff off too good old Goodwill!



What say you?

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