Lets Rodeo San Antonio!

It’s stockshow and rodeo time! We took the girls last week and had awesome fun. We’re going again over the weekend since we didn’t get to ride ponies, get Go Texan samples or see a number of fun looking exhibits. We also have to hit up the petting zoo next time. The kids (all 3 of them) love petting zoos. ūüėČ


Patsy Lou was so excited she could hardly sit still!

imagePatsy Lou insisted on getting her photo at every one of these we saw.

Lily was checking out the other baby competition. The chicks were cute, but no match for Lily’s adorableness. I may be biased, but only slightly.

imageI don’t know what part of this picture I love most. My baby eating fun squeeze food, the awesome fajitas, or Joe and the pig ears.
imageWaiting for the pig races. Joe insisted on wearing those pig ears the rest of the night. Patsy Lou was our section’s cheerleader, and since our pig won his race, she got a pig nose and cookies!
imageShe and Joe loved trading the pig nose back and forth, and we all loved those cookies.
imageThe Texas tent is really great this year. Highly recommend it. Bug LOVED milking the fake cow. So did Joe. Again, I have 3 kids.

Planting “seeds” in rocks was fun until bug realized it was a total sham and the fake coins¬†perpetration¬†themselves as seeds and the rocks instead of soil wouldn’t grow. She’s still convinced her silk roses she planted in Aunt MarMar’s parking lot at the flower shop are growing though.

So that’s the fun from our first rodeo trip of the year. Thanks to groupon and the season pass, we’ll be back a few more times. So much fun, such tired kids, such good sleep for me since they crash for many hours after a trip to the¬†stock show. ūüôā


One response to “Lets Rodeo San Antonio!

  1. What fun! I’m also rather fond of petting zoos.

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