Dining room decor and…. Lent

How does lent influence dining room decor? Well, we all know I’m a bit crazy. I’ve been thinking though about several different aspects of our lives & I think I’ve found some ways to simplify.
1) Our electric & grocery bills are nuts. ( pun intended. blame dad.)
2) We use too much stuff.
3) I’m getting more independent and stubborn (is that possible?) in my old age (nearly 28).
4) The number of parenthesis in this post could be a drinking game… Oh wait…. Not officially party of the list
5) It’s lent.
6) We’re eco-hippies.

So what does this have to do with the dining room? Well, I’m “giving up” the clothes dryer for lent. Say whaaaa? It’s in quotes because I’m not giving it up entirely, just trying to use it way less. Instead of 50-55 minute cycles, I’m running 15 minute cycles to soften clothes & then hang drying them on the drying rack. That lives in the dining room, unless it’s sunny when it lives on the porch. Sorry neighbors. I’m going to try to get a clothes line up in the side yard so our porch doesn’t have our underthings drying out there for too long. I put those ob the back of the rack though.

In addition to hopefully saving a decent amount of electricity, I’m hoping to save some money & just basically sloooow down. I get to stay home with the girls, but it seems like we often rush through our day. Hanging the laundry forces me to have a bit if quiet.

We are also shifting things in other areas of our lives, too. More food made from scratch, like my granola bars, fewer cleaning concoctions & more elbow grease, and way less tv.

I know we sound pretty unmainstream middle class American with this stuff, but, well, I’ve never done “normal” very well. Anybody else hang dry clothes? Are you able to forgo the dryer entirely? Have a good recipe for homemade goodie from scratch?



One response to “Dining room decor and…. Lent

  1. Back in the day when i used a “solar clothes dryer”, i found that if you run out and hang up clothes right before a good rain, you end up with some really soft clothes once they dry. No 15 minutes of dryer time required!

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