Somehow my sweet little baby is about to turn 3 years old. She’s the world’s girliest tomboy. Being that Patricia is OBSESSED with anything and everything pink, we’re about to throw a small, but very very pink birthday party. That combined with our yard’s desperate need for attention meant it was a very dirty weekend of all of us. A dozen petunias, a tomato plant, rosemary, pepper plant, and basil all found their way into the garden and various pots around the porch. Patsy insisted that all the flowers be pink.

imagePretty Patricia in pink shirt, pink pants, pink dress, pink rainboots, pink polka dot coat next to the new pink petunias. Thats a lot of p.
imageWe inherited this neat little gardening tool box thing and all of those hand rake claw thingies. Obviously I know my gardening stuff. Also? I really REALLY love the light hanging over the front porch. I’d assumed it was original. Wrong! A neighbor told us the owner in the 90’s bought it. he made a good choice. I love it so much I constantly worry about it getting broken outside. I might move it inside and get a new overhead fixture when we replace the two too small sconces next to the two doors. That might be too many twos/toos/tos.
imageA Lily found her way into the garden, too. She’s the cutest. I’m her favorite, and I must admit, I love it. Seriously, she grabs my face, pulls me close, and plants huuuuge kisses on me if I’ve left her for. Since clearly, Mommy needs to pee is akin to child abandonment and two minutes without me is too much.


Hopefully these will turn into food soon. Mmmm garden tomatoes!

What say you?

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