Happy House-iversary!

Dear time,

You move too fast.



We closed on this house on 2/28/11. We’ve only lived here for 4.5 months, but the crazy work has been going on for an entire year. Things that happened in the last year:

Got estimate for first round of work we wanted to do: $50,000+! Yikes. YIKES! We proceeded DIY style.

Kitchen wall came down!


Fire sprinkler system was ripped out (It was installed incorrectly, was uuuugly, and irony of ironies, my cousin who is a firefighter helped us rip it out)


Plaster and drywall on the exterior walls was knocked down.

Insulation installed in the walls!

Drywall… and sanding…. and more sanding.

A dumpster took up residence in our driveway for a month and a half.

Priming and paint. And pizza/beer to feed our lovely primers and painters.

Holes knocked through closet walls to make a hallway.


Removed window a/c units from the walls and patched the holes.

Kitchen vinyl floor/subfloor removed.

All wood floors sanded and refinished.

Some minor electrical and plumbing.

Some major electrical and plumbing (the only thing we hired pro’s for).

A kitchen island built.

Closets revamped to not be useless.

Lots of yard work. Lots. We inherited some ugly, dead stuff.


Oh, and this was pretty important. And cute. Really cute. These, too.

Made new friends.

Had lots of fun.


A year into turning this house into our home, we are super-duper-giddy-jump up and down-happy. Since I spent most of the last year in the pregnancy/recovery/newborn stage we relied even more heavily on help. Thank you to everyone who has helped. Thank you thank you thank you. Y’all are awesome. And welcome anytime. Especially if you want to paint. Or build stuff. 😉

4 responses to “Happy House-iversary!

  1. I am really good at digging, and hoeing, and shoveling, and most important of all of these excellent qualities, I am the official FLYING off ramps!!! Happy house anniversary, many many many many many many(you get my drift) years in your new lovely 101 year new house!!!!

  2. love your blog! Who knew I would become a demolition master in my later years? Working on your lovely home that is getting better with each passing month is very gratifying, plus Joe’s chocolate pancakes and your fabulous mostly made-up snacks are food for the soul as well as the body. Little Patsy always wants to help, and the surprising thing is, she really does! Help, that is. –Grandma

  3. This is the kind of post i have been waiting for! Lot’s of pictures of the house!!

  4. What time are the chocolate pancakes ready?

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