Both girls are napping! AT THE SAME TIME! I have a huge urge to get some trim painting off the to-do list. So, I got supplies: brush, paper towel, flat head screwdriver, even a dust cloth. I decided to attack Patsy’s doors since that’s the only unfinished element in her room. We might actually have one room officially, completely, totally D-O-N-E (for now… she’s declared she doesn’t love green. Only PIIIIIINK!). Found paint in the right color. Awesome. It was a good thing I grabbed the dust cloth. Apparently that’s a chore I don’t do regularly enough…. oops. As I started to open the can, the following conversation occurred in my head:

“Hm. I really thought we had more of this left in the first gallon. We only painted her room’s trim in this. We couldn’t have used an entire gallon just on one room’s trim. Oh well, maybe it got mixed with other paint as part of the oops. There were after all, lots and lots of oops painting moments. Huh. That’s funny. This says FLAT. Haha, that’d be for ceilings or something. I wonder what recipe I should use for pot pie crust. Maybe we could make granola bars. Did I empty the litter box? Wait. Flat. Ceilings. Doors are definitely not ceilings. Crap. Crappity. Crap. This is the wrong paint.”

A thorough search of the usual paint hiding spots turned up bagillions of gallons of paint, but no Yolo Colorhouse in Air in SEMIGLOSS. Or paint her trim another color. Maybe I should do them in pink?

Lessons: Read paint cans before painting, and clearly, I need more sleep. Oh, and I need to dust.


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