4 is bettrr than 2

Mom finished the last 2 curtains for bug’s room! I love them. It’s so special to have grandma’s old fabric that my mom turned into quilt squares as part of the room. Most of my memories if my grandma involve either her cinnamon rolls or quilts. Oh how I wish I knew hire to make those rolls. They don’t taste like anyone elses. They were the best ever! Should’ve paid more attention when I used to spend time in her kitchen.
Anyway, about those curtains again… I love them. Adding two more made the whole set up feel more complete. Having just 2 was nice, but felt a little sparse. If I can get the vanity mirror hung, art on the walls, & those doors painted (Joe found the missing semi gloss trim paint) her room can be called DONE! Only a year + after buying this house we might get our first room done. Lol. I wish real life projects moved at magic tv speed. Ah well, diy may not be fast, but it is rewarding.



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