Another enclosed room!

So the baby is now 7.5 months old and the nursery still isn’t done, but at least it’s a lot closer now! Joe hung the door last weekend. Well, one of two doors. One goes to the new hallway we created, and one to Patricia’s room. I love that they’ll have a door they can use to sneak between rooms for secret meetings late at night. I had fun chiseling out the frame for the hinges, but didn’t get to do it for very long. Somebody decided he’d rather get to do the part that involved playing with super sharp tools instead of watching his wife have all the fun while simultaneously baby wrangling. Boys and their toys I guess, right? Anyway, quick pictures to come sometime.

Next week looks promising for getting some projects done. It’s my Dad’s spring break, and he’s offered to spend time here helping us. Only potential problems: he has another job that could come up (imagine, taking a paying job instead of free manual labor), there’s always Grandma duty (I hear a birthday present shopping for a soon to be 3 year old is in our near future), and he has like, photography and hobbies and things that don’t involve floor sanders/paint stripping/blind hanging. Who needs hobbies that don’t involve power tools or paint?! 😉 Working around those things though, we should actually get some good progress made with his help. Or, you know, eat lots of hamburgers at Stinson Airport while watching airplanes.


What say you?

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