I love good bargains. The best bargains are, of course, totally free!

Free, freeee, free. I looove you freeee. Freeeeeeee!

That’s my made up song. I love free so much I made up a whole song about it. It’s also proof that up late with baby + up early with baby + time change doesn’t do good things to my sanity.

So, obviously, we got some free stuff. The water company held an event yesterday & Joe headed down to get the little free plants they were giving out. He picked a rosemary, which we’ve heard can help ward off mosquitos. And makes yummier spaghetti sauce. We didn’t know there would be a billion other groups there giving things away. His haul included:
Rain gauge
Thermometer magnet
Gardening gloves
Book about what to plant & when
Shopping bags x 3
Spray nozzle for the hose
Chart about how the aquifer works
Bookmarks (my phone tried to auto correct this to “boomer”…. not.allowed. Gig ‘Em!)
Water moisture measure with a frog on top
Low flow shower head

There were a few other odds & ends,  but those were the highlights. Awesome, right?! The train gauge is already getting a work out, & the rosemary plant and moisture meter will get in on the fun in the yard later today.


What say you?

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