I was starting to have withdrawls

It’s been waaay too long since I painted something. So yesterday, while my Mom came over to help, I finally FINALLY tackled Patsy’s doors. It was the last thing on the to-do list for her room, besides little things like hanging stuff on the walls. Of course it couldn’t go perfectly though. Here’s the story:
Lily went down for an awesome, epic nap! I got all the supplies ready, which was easy since I left them just on the other side of bug’s room in the nursery. I even had the right paint unlike last time. Except I couldn’t find the 2″ angled brush. It’s far and away the best for trim. The darn thing lived on the kitchen sink for months and months. And then I got the bright idea to put it away. I have a very clear memory of storing it somewhere safer. Except I have no idea where that “safer” place is. Whatever, I was working on a deadline! Had to be finished by the end of the baby’s nap. So I used one of those paint pad things. It worked ok. It gave a nice, smooth finish, but took a long time.

After the first door, I moved onto the second. This time I used a brush to try and get the paint on faster. With the 2″ angle brush MIA, I grabbed a straight edged 4″ one. It did get the paint on faster in the small areas, but the streaks were awful. ?Oh well. They did smooth a bit as it dried, but I really wish I would’ve been able to find that darn small brush. After a quick second coat on both, I washed things up and thanked the Lord for long baby naps. I helped Mom and Patsy finish on the porch (they swept then sprayed down the whole thing and the furniture in preparation for a little party tomorrow). I was so proud and excited about FINALLY getting a room DONE!

As soon as Joe got home from work (at 4:25! I love his schedule at his new job!), I rushed him into bug’s room to see my handy work. The only thing he said: “What about the 3rd door?”

WHAAAAA?! Oh. yeah. The fact her room has 3 doors, not 2 somehow managed to completely escape me in my rushed painting extravaganza 2012. So, yeah. We have 2 pretty painted doors in her room. And one ugly primed one. Awesome. So, not done yet. Who knows when we’ll get another epic nap from Lily and a bug sitter so I can get to painting again, but it’ll happen. Sometime. Maybe. Possibly. In like, another year.

Lessons: Paint all the doors in a room, not just 2/3 of them. Yolo Colorhouse paint is awesome and I love it. Smooth, thick but not too thick, zero oder, zero voc’s (really really, not like the brands that claim to be no voc, but lie and add even more when you add colorants), and pretty. Definitely my favorite paint. Also, margaritas. Need to include margaritas next time.


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