Laundry challenge update

Its been a crazy week of celebrating one fun little 3 year old’s birthday around here. All the craziness left little time for house projects, and even less for blogging. Add a super fussy teething baby into the mix, and, well, thats how I wound up with 7 loads of laundry to do today. We are getting caught up, albeit slowly since we have to keep sipping to play with new toys & enjoy the insanely beautiful weather. Spring is far and away my favorite time of year. We are off to the playground again in just a bit, after I pull the latest load of laundry in.

My use the dryer less challenge has been quite successful! It’s fun to fold things that smell so good from sunshine. We have done fewer loss overall since we are more conscience about using less since the extra time to line dry means fewer loads can get done easily. Todays laundry marathon not withstanding, I tend to do 1 – 2 loads per day, including diapers, instead of the 2-3 I used to. Over the course of a week, we wind up doing about 2 fewer loads. I’m actually quite anxious to get our electric bill. I’m hoping we’ve seriously cut back on our energy usage. The meter reader came by on Saturday, after stoping to pee next to the dumpsters art a nearby business…. seriously…. So anyway, the bill should be here any day. I’m going to do a happy dance if iras arty least $20 less than last months.

And now it’s off to enjoy that beautiful weather, walk off some birthday cake, & play princess dress up wroth a couple of super cute princesses.


One response to “Laundry challenge update

  1. 30 years from now, your children will not remember there was laundry on the floor, but they will remember mom being home to hang out with them. They will remember dad being home at 4:25. That is stuff you cannot pay any price for.

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