Moving… Still

We have been in our home for more than 5 months now, yet we still have some, ok lots, of moving to do. We have started moving more clothes, toys, sentimental stuff that’s packed away in boxes, etc but still have some furniture in the garage & a piano to haul over. Next weekends is hopefully going to be our garage sale so we can de clutter & get a bit of cash. I can’t wait to get some of the olds thongs wer don’t use/need out of here & free up some  space! Of day wer have just a teensy bit of work to do. 😉



2 responses to “Moving… Still

  1. I can totally sympathize — we moved into our house last July, and there are *still* a couple of boxes tucked away in corners that we’ve just never finished unpacking, haha. Good luck with the garage sale!

  2. Sara De La Rosa

    You’re selling your old thongs? I’d just throw them away. I wouldn’t want strangers picking through my undies. You’re braver than me. 🙂

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