Garage sale….

Price everything, then remember all of them since people won’t read the sicker.

Wear sunblock.

Decide if you want to make tons of money or get rid of a much as possible.

Advertise. The more places & more often the better.(thanks mom for our pretty signs!)

Eat. Drink water. Lots. (oops)

Put leftovers straight into car for donation.

Be mad you paid $16 for the permit that never came, but since code compliance didn’t come by it’s ok.

Pay the 3 year olds allowance for helping.

Sleep! 🙂


One response to “Garage sale….

  1. Put balloons on your garage sale sign so people on the very busy street will See it!!!!!

    Price everything and then tell all who are interested in something that the price is 1/2 after 1:00. This culls the serious buyers from the bottom feeders. Also, for a lowballer, tell them that at 2:30 you are taking it all to goodwill and if it is still there at that time, they can have it for that price

    At 2:30 take all the crap left to goodwill

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