Cliff diving

No, sadly this isn’t the tale of fine exotic adventure from a fabulous equally exotic vacation. Just the story of jumping off another eco hippy cliff. I feel like we are edging closer to some serious granola commune status. No worries, I still shave my armpits. Because, well, the alternative is ew. Very ew.
This time we have gone and bought a lawn mower. A push reel mower. No gas. No battery. No cord. Just muscle. Truth be told…. It’s freaking awesome! Seriously. Completely wonderful. We got the Fiskars StaySharp Max. It cuts without the blades actually touching which helps the blades stay sharp for years. It’s easy to push,  super quiet, effective, light (in comparison to regular mowers), and very fun. The list of cons is short: larger turning radius than Joe likes, leaves taller blades of grass uncut since the front bar pushes them down before the blades can cut. Both minor issues, and more than made up for by the other great features. It was $199 on Amazon & we are going to submit the receipt to CPS for a $60 rebate. Which I’ll use for a new phone. That doesn’t randomly have the keyboard make my type bold. Or disappear. Though, typing without seeing a single key on a touch screen makes one feel awesome about their skillz. (ego quickly deflated by inability to get dvd player to play)

So thats our latest eco tastic fun. Anybody else living new lawn equipment? Fighting over who gets to mow?



What say you?

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