Tree tales

First, I have no idea why the wordpress app on my phone isn’t publishing things, only saving them as drafts. So if things seem odd time-wise, it’s because of that.

A while back, the loquat tree at the front corner of our house had some minor damage from a storm. Then more damage with the next big storm. Then it happened again.  Then it stooped raining (& we are back in major drought), but more branches broke off. Finally Joe & my dad gave it a major haircut & we hauled 90% of the tree to the brush pile in the side yard.

The city is starting brush pick up on Monday for our area, so it was time to haul it out to the curb. Holy cow. 17 5lbs of baby strapped on with the baby wrap, 90° heat with high humidity, and a sprained ankle in a boot makes for a heck if a workout while hauling brush. At least it makes for zero guilt about eating a ton at Henrys Puffy Taco Express!

In semi related news about yummy food, Joe is an awesome ice cream chef! Farmer’s market fruit makes it even better! So does chocolate syrup (Ahlaska! is the best kind imho).

Back to the tree takes, it was too dark to get a photo of the loquat after we finished hauling the branches to the curb. I did get a shot of the piles of brush we moved to the curb though, plus found an old one from after one of those storms. Bug was having a blast helping (that kid is strong & such a hard worker!) & riding in the wheel barrow.

I also grabbed a picture a couple of weeks ago of my mom with our homemade papel picado we made with bug to decorate for Fiesta. We have left it up for today, Cinco de Mayo. Super fun!



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