Simple things

We have been busy. Super busy! Too busy to blog about all the things we are doing. We spent the weekend emptying the kitchen shelves of things like sedge hammers, crow bars, ect.

Last week, Joe sold the old florescent lights that used to hang in the kitchen on craigslist! Yay extra money. I’m even more excited about the extra space it freed up. The electrical closet in the kitchen is now a took room, pegboard and all. It feels do much less like a construction zone now that we aren’t starting at tools all.the.time.

A much smaller, yet just as awesome weekend project was getting a hose reel. Our hose always snaked ask over the yard threatening to trip me at the most inopportune times. Finally we got a reel at home depot to keep the thing out of the way & prettify the front yard a bit. You know, as long as you ignore the porch full of boxes & dead plants.

Oh! Also, we have a problem in the yard. Hornets are building a nest in the huge rose bush. How to get it out? It’s in the middle, so we can’t get it quickly since we would hack the thing to death before reaching it. We can’t do it slow becauseĀ  well, they are HORNETS. Pissed off hornets do not make for a good time. Anyway here’s a picture of it. And of the new hose reel.




What say you?

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